Send simply via Europe's largest pick-up point network

We unified the most extensive pick-up point networks with the goal of making it cheaper, convenient and more climate friendly to send your things.

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58 routes linking 14 countries and 220 000+ pick-up points.

Go Cheaper

More carriers, lower delivery costs. And minimum IT costs.

Go Digital

Jump ahead and let our tech do the work with full IT integration.

Go Smarter

Streamline with one platform, one contract, and one support team.

Go Greener

Sending to pick-up points instead of homes means lower emissions*.

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An all-in-one platform

With our seamless API, we provide a single integration solution with flexible service options. It’s powerful tech that’s simple and speedy.

Our story

For over a decade Vinted has pioneered the second-hand movement in Europe. A community of 65+ million members means a lot of parcels are on the move, so we started Vinted Go. Our aim? Make parcel delivery more affordable and, longer term, reduce its negative impact on the environment.

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*PUDO deliveries create lower emissions than in-home deliveries: around 97% lower in the last mile compared to an in-home delivery, and 42% through the whole journey from store to PUDO. This is according to independent research conducted by Vaayu Tech GmbH in 2022 on Vinted’s climate impact in the year 2021.