Convenience unlocked

In summer 2022 our first Vinted Go lockers landed and the shipping process became even easier for Vinted Marketplace members. Optimised in size and materials usage, and served by electric vehicles, these ultra-convenient points will help us limit our environmental shipping impact. We began with Paris but our plans go far beyond.

Convenient locations

We’ve partnered with your go-to retail chains to avoid extra trips.

Tap and Go

Follow the step(s) on the screen to pick up or drop off your parcel. Tap, drop, and go.

Secure tracking

Track your parcel’s journey, know its arrival time. No more sitting, waiting, complaining.

Greener from the get-go

Environmentally conscious? That’s now convenient. Our lockers cut journey volume. Learn more below.

The Future

For the 65+ million strong Vinted community, our lockers open the door to being more climate friendly. You’ll see a reduction in emissions due to the overall decrease in home deliveries, and via the electric vehicles linking these pick-up points.* Last but not least, the units were created to optimise space and materials to help us reduce the resources required.

*PUDO deliveries create lower emissions than in-home deliveries: around 97% lower in the last mile compared to an in-home delivery, and 42% through the whole journey from store to PUDO. This is according to independent research conducted by Vaayu Tech GmbH in 2022 on Vinted’s climate impact in the year 2021.