Helping you go forward

Plug into our exciting tech and tap into our extensive network for a better way to send.

Maximum value, minimum cost

Instead of fragmented shipping options carrying high costs, we consolidate into one seamless network. It makes things simpler and more affordable for all.

Tech to track

Wheels may get our parcels from A to B (for now), but it’s our API system that smoothens the road ahead. We’ve integrated 40+ carrier networks into a single workflow that keeps you up to date, and out in front.

Reducing emissions

Shipping is polluting, but it can be improved. Rather than criss-crossing home deliveries, we link together pick-up points to help cut journey volume and CO2 emissions*. Now part of SBTi (Science-Based Target Initiatives), we'll be committing to science-backed targets that can help us achieve the emission-reducing results needed in this climate crisis.

Greater Access

Together with our partners, we handle over 200 million parcels per year. Lots of parcels and lots of happy customers receiving them.

Freight Forwarding

Keep moving forward. Our carrier network will pass parcels across countries to deliver without any complications.

One-stop Tech

Enjoy peace of mind with everything in one platform. Plug into our self-service API and get going.

Dependable Support

Our team offers you a single point of contact for shipping and tech issues. Let us sweat the small stuff so you can ship the big stuff.

*PUDO deliveries create lower emissions than in-home deliveries: around 97% lower in the last mile compared to an in-home delivery, and 42% through the whole journey from store to PUDO. This is according to independent research conducted by Vaayu Tech GmbH in 2022 on Vinted’s climate impact in the year 2021.